How you move the furniture from a three bedroom house in Miami to Up State NY
by Gil crazy way?

First you buy 22’ x 8’ Flatbed Trailer on eBay from a nice farmer named Charles Price in Milledgeville, GA.

You leave New York City on Thursday, Christmas Eve at 6 pm, drive 14 hours strait to Milledgeville, GA and arrive on Friday at 8am Christmas morning.
You check the trailer, pay for it and an hour later you continue 9 hour trip to Miami, arriving at 10pm the same day.

With 2 hour Christmas dinner stop at good friend Nachson Limor in Ocala FL, where I saw the RV that we are going to use for a cross country summer vacation thanks to his generosity.


and one of Nachson other toys

On Saturday morning I load my 8’x10’ Shad from the back yard on to the trailer

and park it on the driveway.

Now, with the grate help from my good friend and neighbor Ed, we start to disassemble and carefully pack the furniture and load theme to the Shad like a puzzle.

On Monday evening I had dinner at “Etzel Etzik” (our favorite restaurant in Miami) with my good friend Jack Brake and at 7pm I started the 1400 mile trip back to NYS, not before I took Jack offer to follow me few exits on the I95 to make sure the trailer is stable at a 55 mile speed.

After 37 hours trip I arrive to Maya’s Backyard in Accord NY, organize and park the trailer.

 Well, Another crazy idea of mine completed successfully, Thank God..        
Total Operation; 120 Hours and 2900 Miles


UNTIL MY NEXT crazy idea!