Maya & Ben's Backyard in

53 Store Road Accord NY

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Work on 07/15/2008

Work on 08/02/2008

Work on 09/18/2008

Work on 06/05/2009

Work on 12/03/09 & 01/01/10

Work on 03/06&07/2010

Work on 03/13/2010

Maya's Backyard on 04/05/2010

Maya & Ben Backyard  Sprint Cleaning 05/16/2010Fainaly

Advance Farming! Gating the latest farming equipments 06/04/2010

Going up to the cabin for a day Accord 01/03/2016

Going upstate to the cabin and taking the kids to fly over the area April 16, 2016

Accord NY, May 21st 2016 Maya and Ben Backyard and Cabin Spring Cleaning

Accord, the kids cleaning and organizing their cabin and equipments for the winter September 3rd and 4th 2016

Finally getting power to their Cabin 10/29/2016

Accord, finish cleaning with the help of Solly and Ben, Maya is doing homework :) 11/05/2016

Accord, We finally got the new RV Camper, August 19, 2017

Accord, One more steps! Getting the RV Port November 16th, 2017

Accord NY, First Overnight fun at the kids campApril 1st and 1& 2nd 2018