Michal Fuhrman-Peretz


99 Hillside Ave. Apt 20C, New York, NY, 10040, 212 863 9944 Home, 917-653-3250 Mobile




Yehuda Diamond CO. New York City.                                                                      2009

Setting manager & Administrative assistance


Ramaz School, New York City.                                                                                  2008

 Hebrew teacher

·  Planed and prepared weekly lessons

·  Adjust the learning subjects to the kids age

·  Participate in teacher grades meeting and staff development


Yehuda Diamond CO. New York City.                                                                      2007

Setting Department manager & quality controller


Multi Disciplinary Institute, Israel                                                                    2000-2001


·  Supervised school intervention programs on subject of communication, violence

    prevention and sex education

·  In charge of staff meetings and staff development

·  Supervised team of 20 psychologists, physical, occupational and dance therapists

·  Managed aspects of sales and marketing, customer service, financial planning

·  Executed business plans and over saw the accounting department


State Educational & Psychological Service, Jerusalem                                  1999-2001

Educational Psychology Internship

·  Created and implemented intervention and prevention programs for students and

    school staff

·  Counseled principals, teachers, parents and students on matters of communication, 

    violence at class, accept others, child’s fears

·  Provided psychological support for school age children

·  Performed psychological testing of students


After School Program, Israel                                                                             1998-1999


·  Created and implemented annual curriculum for 110 children, grade 1 - 8, within

    budget restraints

·  Directed and supervised staff of 10 counselors

·  Personally conducted  workshops to groups of children in various subjects

·  Strengthened parent’s involvement by leading parents-child groups and encouraging

   parent volunteering in the holidays activities

·  Published monthly calendar and news bullet

·  Coordinated services for special need children

·  Managed weekly staff meetings, staff recruitment and development

·  Developed information center and  budget balancing


Military Service                                                                                                   1988-1992

Captain, Israeli Defense Forces

·  Commanding officer

·  In charge on training of new recruits


Community Service in youth movement, Israel                                                 1987-1988


·  Create and implement after school programs

·  Supervise young counselors

·  Guide youth groups





Tel Aviv State College of Education                                                                           2000

The World of Adolescents

Business and Management in Educational and Psychological Environment


Hebrew University                                                                                                       1998

Promote Sex Education in Family


“Alternative Directions”, Multi Disciplinary Behavioral Science Institute           1998      

Communication in Educational Setting  


Kibbutz Tzora, Israel                                                                                                   1998

Management Course                                                                     


Ben Gurion University

M.A. in Educational Psychology                                                                            1996-1997

B.A. in Behavioral Sciences (graduate with honors)                                               1993-1995



Languages: Fluent in Hebrew and English