!!! THE "BikeClub" !!!

The gangís Second wild trip mission

to upstate New York


The second mission of the BC started late at night and the roads were dangerous and classified. This is the reason that it isnít shown in the pictures.

A quick dinner was taken to the request of our new recruiters that basically were going throw acceptant test.

Finely when we got to the cabin the woods we were able to  rest from the long cold ride.

Our new recruiters were starting to show sings of inconvenient.

In our cabin we set up our operation system so we can start our mission.

We took some pictures before moving out to our mission.

The new recruiters didnít like the idea so much so we said goodbye and each one went to his way.

Our diversion was a fair in Woodstock,

There we met our contact guy you can detect him by his mysterious bike .

On the way we stopped at a fair of  former agent vehicles.

stopped for a small check up and went on our way.

Our mission was getting closer and we started it by buying  merchandise and continued the mission at the cabin.

Meanwhile we had a friendly visitor.

Finely our mission was done  and was very satisfactory.

But the mission had some unpleasant side effects as you can see but we took care of it.

Resting and going into a hut tub was needed after the mission.

Getting some energy before going out and heading home .

The road home.




Thank-you for sharing with us this mission,

we hope to see you on our next mission!


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