!!! THE "BikeClub" !!!

The gangs First wild trip mission to upstate New York, western Massachusetts and Connecticut. 


The greatest achievement on this wild trip is that we did not get beat up! Came back in one piece! And most important have lots of fun!!!


The “Garbage Bunch” founders monster vehicles!!!

The Garbage Bunch” checking their monster vehicles early morning before the journey on a dangerous mission!


Some scenery on the way to dangerous mission of the day, crossing the wild country of upstate New York!!!

Also on the way to the dangerous mission The Garbage Bunch” releasing some of the great pressure of the dangerous mission by taking a wild ride on a monster trucks!


Finally at sunset the  Garbage Bunch” arrived to their safe house somewhere in the North West Hills of Massachusetts

Hanging out on the front porch [like real rednecks] trying to come up with a plan of how to kill the time left before the dangerous mission of the day!

Go bowling? Go have a big dinner?

Or maybe just take a nap!

On nightfall after well rested the Garbage Bunch” finally arrived to the well-guarded facilities where they have to execute this very secret and dangerous mission!

Finally the dangerous mission in the act!

The only mishap during this very dangerous mission, one of the senior member of the Garbage Bunch” fell asleep on the first part of the mission however the rest of the responsible members happily took over his responsibilities and finally mission accomplished successfully!


The following morning the happy Garbage Bunch” continue on their second and last part of the dangerous secret mission by taking a wild ride back to a dark place call New York City, they decide to take back roads, away from the watching eyes of law enforcement! They choose Route 7 from North West Connecticut taking an extra mission of performing surveillance on several sites that might be revisited on future mission!

Concerns look on two of the members! Thinking the place might be too public after the last night mission!

The Garbage Bunch” leaving in a hurry after getting tipped by other gang member that police is on the way!

After leaving in a hurry the Garbage Bunch” members decided to check some locations in middle of the wilderness away from the public eye!

And finally the Garbage Bunch” reached the final part of their dangerous mission, a huge biker convention in Danbury Connecticut, due to the sensitive material we cannot disclose publicly what went on!

Thank-you for sharing with us this mission,

we hope to see you on our next mission!

To join the BikeClub the most wild and dangerous biker gang sends your Resume

By e-mail to thebikeclub@its202.com

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