Trip with Maya and Ben to New York City Home

12/23/2013 to 01/05/2014

At the airport


Fort Tryon Park

Us sleeping

(this shouldn't have been uploaded :( )

Getting ready to go

(where, you ask? you'll see in a minute!)

Rockefeller Center!

PIZZA PARTY!!!!!!!!! :P


(damn it)

New car!

(KIA Sportage 2010, for those of you who want to know)

Ben's new (grown-up) desk



We finally cleaned our room :)

More homework...

At the diner, on our way to upstate New York

Our "backyard" in upstate New York

Deer & Bear [foot] prints


More pics of the "backyard"

Trip to where I call "the end of the world"

Selfie Time!!!

That's it. Back to the trip





On the way back home


(hey.. there are no pictures of me in this section!)


At my BFF's b-day party

Intrepid [Ben]

Merry X-mas, y'all! :) :P

Good Morning



Makin' brownies


The brownies came out A-OK!


Eat your breakfast!

(it's the most important meal of the day!)

We saw Frozen!

(OMG best movie ever!!!!)

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Yearly Checkups

(oh I HATE those...)

On the way to dad's doc

Eat lunch!!

Again, Let it snow! or since we saw Frozen it's more like LET IT GOOOOOOOO!!!!


Waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting..





Ben's new suitcase

It's time to go back home.. see you soon!


Oh, I forgot.. there's the Delta Sky Club and then the plane.. you get the point



Oh, and THE list