Our Home In Sunny Miami

View of the front yard

  View of the front door

View of the driveway and the entrance to the Efficiency / Studio Apr,

View of our Street to the East

 View of our Street  to the West

View from the backyard to the back door of the Efficiency / Studio Apr,

View from the backyard to the utility side of House

Efficiency / Studio Apr, back door to the backyard

    My sleeping conditions during the renovation

Must have a computer

First day of renovation

Before closing window in the dining room



Before, a small patio that are going to be part of the Efficiency / Studio Apr,

Knocking down Wall

Building a new one

The old kitchen

The new kitchen ready to be installed

New kitchen is installed

Installing new carpet in the bedroom

The bathroom before renovation

Same one after renovation

Installing new electrical breaker in the utility room

Start working on the Efficiency / Studio Apr,

Last night  of renovation, sleeping in the Efficiency / Studio Apr,

Living room after renovation

Dining room after renovation