Gil Family Page


Oran Visit 07/2001        

Yair & Idit Visit 07/2001   

Jack & Mariana Visit 08/2001

Idit Yair ve Hayeladem Visit 08/20/2001

Trip to Boston for SEC 08/30-31/2001

Trip To Boston For SEC 10/23-24/2001

Wedding 11/30/2001

Dinner at Shay and Orli 12/07/2001

Trip to Israel 01/23/02 to 02/03/02

Elizabeth & Forest 04/18/02 Visit in NYC

Trip To Fire Island 05/10/2002

Trip To Miami 07/20-28/2002

Trip To Fire Island 09/21/2002

Batia Visit 09/27/02

Kia A Auto sel Michal

Gil in NYDN 10/01/02

Trip to CT, MA & NH 11/09/02

Thanksgiving 2002 in Rhinebeck

First Snow Storm 12/05/02

Visit at W.T.S NYC 01/12/03

Blizzard Snow Storm 01/17/03

NYC Winter 2003

NYC Spring 2003

Our Home In Sunny Miami

Trip to Boston July, 4 2003

Trip to Miami 07/25/03

Travel along the 9W, Aug 23 / 03

Micha Visit NYC  Blizzard Snow Storm 12/06/03

Our Home and Neighborhood in Miami 08/01/05

Trip to Miami 08/01/2005

BBQ at Adele 08/05/2005

Family Photos Summer 2007

Passover Vacation Hosting by Micah in Antigua 04/16/08 to 04/23/08

Winter 2010, 02/26/2010 Snow day

Israel 06/28/2010

memorial weekend 2011

Ben participate in yearend Capoeira competition 06-06-13

Maya 2013 School End Party 06/13/2013

Ben Fly the Cessna and in the Pool Israel 06-14-2013

Maya and Ben swimming 08-04-2013

Ben graduate swimming lesson 08-05-2013

Hilal training student to fly the Buckeye 08/20/2013

Installing a Tent over Sderot Swimming Pool  10/30/2013

Trip with Maya and Ben to New York City Home December 2014

Michal Maya and Ben visit NYC December 18th to January 1st 2015

With the kids in Israel 06/01/2015

With Maya and Ben in Israel June 25th July 9th 2015

Maya and Bens Home in New York City as of 07/09/2015

Maya and Ben in Israel August 28th to  September 5th 2015

Maya Ben in Hayogev and Afula 09/11/2015

Erev Rosh Hashanah with Yarev and Ronit 10/13,14&15/2015

With Maya and Ben preparing (English Waffles) Saturday breakfast 10/19/2015

With Maya and Ben in Israel September 19th 2015

With Yarev and Ronit September 23rd 2015

Ben's kibbutz club bike trip 09/30/15

Maya & Ben with Yarev, Ronit, Or, Keren, Tom & Tom family 10/02-3/2015