NYC 8th Day 10/19/2015

Today was a BIG day! Maya and Ben first day in school! As you can see in the photos, Maya was receive like a Rock Star by her friends! I was concern about how Ben will take it. After I realize that Maya donít need me, I took Ben to his classroom, we got there before his classmate came up, as you can see in the photos, beautiful classroom! Few minute later his classmate came in with his teacher, she introduces Ben to his classmate, the teacher already have his desk and work books  ready in advance, the kids was very nice, they took Ben to show him around the classroom, he told me goodbye. I wheat to work and all I could think all day is if Ben is happy? If when I see him at the afternoon he will tell me that he enjoy his first day in the new school. As you can see in the photos, hi was very happy, he love the teacher and already have couple of new friends. Maya is back with her friends like she never left.I was concern about this day the most! Now I know we are going to be good.   


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