June 2015, Maya and Ben suppose to come back home to NYC and are delayed!


With Maya and Ben in Israel June 25th July 9th 2015

Maya and Ben in Israel August 28th to  September 5th 2015

Maya Ben in Hayogev and Afula 09/11/2015

Erev Rosh Hashanah with Yarev and Ronit 10/13,14&15/2015

With Maya and Ben preparing (English Waffles) Saturday breakfast 10/19/2015

With Maya and Ben in Israel September 19th 2015

With Yarev and Ronit September 23rd 2015

Ben's kibbutz club bike trip 09/30/15

Maya & Ben with Yarev, Ronit, Or, Keren, Tom & Tom family 10/02-3/2015

 On September 12th Maya and Ben Back home in New York City

Maya and Ben Back Home in NYC 10/12/2015

NYC Home Second Day 10/13/2015

NYC Home Third Day 10/14/2015

NYC Home 4th Day 10/15/2015

NYC Home 5th Day 10/16/2015

NYC 6th Day 10/17/2015

NYC 7th Day 10/18/2015

NYC 8th Day 10/19/2015

NYC from 10/20/2015 to 10/29/2015

NYC from 10/29/2015 to 11/01/2015

NYC from 11/01/2015 to 11/08/2015

NYC from 11/08/2015 to 11/15/2015

NYC from 11/16/2015 to 11/21/2015

NYC from 11/21/2015 to 11/23/2015

NYC from 11/23/2015 to 11/29/2015

NYC 12/04/2015

NYC 12/05/2015 Maya Singing

NYC 12/06/2015 Upstate and

NYC 12/11/2015 "Ner Sheshe"

NYC 12/12/2015 Ben broke his arm at the playground

NYC 12/13/2015

NYC 12/14/ to 12/19/2015

NYC 12/20-21/2015 Maya's Chorus last Holiday Concert and more...

NYC 12/24/2015 Last day of school for 2015, first day of winter brake.

NYC 12/24/2015 Christmas eve in Miami J

NYC 12/25/2015 Christmas  Day

NYC 12/27/2015

NYC 12/29/2015

NYC 01/03/2016

NYC 01/10/2016

NYC 01/20/2016

NYC 01/23/2016 Blizzard 

NYC 01/25/2016 the day after the Blizzard

NYC 01/26/2016 Snow fight after school :)

NYC 01/29/2016 Still Snow fight and Shabbat Dinner 

NYC 02/04/2016 Ben is doing homework with his friend

NYC 02/05/2016 Michal visit

NYC 02/12/2016

NYC 02/13/2016 Maya BD Party with her school Friends

NYC February 14th to 26th 2016

NYC February 21st 2016

NYC February 26th 2016

NYC February 28th 2016

NYC, Maya's 1st First Public Piano Recital March 4th 2016

NYC Ben Birthday Party March 5th 2016

NYC March 7th

NYC March 11th, Maya and Ben join the school Track Team

NYC March 14th and 15th

NYC March 16th to 21st

NYC March 22nd and 25th

NYC March 26th Farmer Market

NYC March 27th Ben is Practice Science :)

NYC March 28-30 / 2016

NYC April 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th 2016

NYC April 15th 2016

NYC April 16th 2016

NYC April 22nd 2016 Maya and Ben Running

NYC April 23rd 2016 Passover

NYC April 24th 2016 Ben and I on the Intrepid

NYC April 25th  to May 7th 2016

NYC May 8th 2016 Breakfast before our first long bike trip

NYC May 9th 2016

NYC May 12th 2016 Maya & Ben School Arts Benefit

NYC May 13th 2016

NYC May 17th 2016 Maya's Track Meet

NYC May 18th 2016 With Ben Class to the Bronx Zoo

NYC May 20th 2016 Friday diner

Accord NY, May 21st 2016 Maya and Ben Backyard and Cabin Spring Cleaning

NYC, May 22 to 25 2016 Maya singing and daily life

NYC May 26-2016 Chorus American Young Voices concert at the Prudential Center

NYC May 27th and 28th 2016

NYC May 29th, Kids Memorial Weekend 2016 Pool Party with friends

NYC May 31st Ben work on a school project, and other interesting subjects

NYC June 1st, With Ben Classroom second time at the Bronx Zoo

NYC June 2nd 2016, Ben take coffee brake from continue working on school project

NYC June 3rd 2016, Maya's 2nd Public Piano Recital

NYC June 4th 2016, Maya's Chorus, American Young Voices last 2016 concert

NYC June 5th and 6th 2016, Home project

NYC June 8th 2016, Ben School Last Award Ceremony for this school year

NYC June-08-2016 Maya and her best friend Rosalia are at Bronx Science Open house, time to start check High School :)

NYC June 9th 2016, Ben continue to work on his home projects

NYC June 11th and 12th 2016, on the bikes and with friends

NYC June 14th 2016, Home and Bikes on the East River

NYC June 17th 2016, Home and Friday in Central Park with friends

NYC June 18th and 19th 2016, in our neighborhood and at Offer Swimming Pool

NYC June 20th 2016, Maya is getting an awarded for the "Highest Grade" in her Class and two other awards :)

NYC June 22nd 2016, in our neighborhood with Maya, Ben and Rosalia

NYC June 23rd to 25th

NYC June 26th to 27th at Home

NYC July 1st, Ben and Maya at the Office

NYC July 3rd, Ben Transferring his Avocado to a Pot

NYC July 8th, 2016 Laundry Day

NYC July 9th, 2016 a Day trip to Maya and Ben Backyard Upstate NY

NYC July 10th, 2016, Family Sport Day

NYC July 14th to 15th, 2016 at home

NYC July 16th to 17th, 2016 Lian Surprise Visit J

NYC July 20th, 2016 at home and Target

NYC July 22nd, 2016 at home, Central Park on the 23rd and Summer Afternoon Thunderstorms on the 24th.

NYC July 28th, 2016 Going to Staples to get School Supply and new Backpacks :)

NYC July 29th, 2016 Solly Birthday Diner :)

NYC July 30th, 2016 Natalie, Teva & Pele are coming and their first day:)

NYC July 31st, 2016 Driving with Natalie, Teva & Pele to Maya and Ben Backyard Upstate New York

NYC August 2nd, Relaxing day at Home, Cooking, Baking and Playing

NYC August 4th, Going to Target for School Uniform :)

NYC August 5th, Friday Bagels and company meeting at the office :)

NYC August 6th, Going to; Microsoft 5th Ave Store, Barnes and Noble and having homemade Tacos :)

NYC August 13th 2016 Natalie Teva and Pele Visit

NYC August 14th 2016 Natalie, Teva and Pele Visit

FL August 16th 2016 Family Road Trip to Florida day 1

August 17th 2016 Universal Studios Orlando FL, Day # 1

August 18th 2016 Universal Studios Orlando FL, Day # 2

August 18th 2016 Cape Canaveral American Police Hall of Fame & Museum

August 19th 2016 Cape Canaveral, Kennedy Space Center and traveling to Miami FL

August 20th 2016 N. Miami B. Florida Relaxing time at our friends Simon and Bunny Ehrlich

August 21st 2016 Miami Florida, Relaxing Weekend on the Atlantic with our friends David and Marisol MacManus and some new friends

August 22nd 2016 Dinner with Bunny

August 23rd 2016 Hollywood Beach and visiting the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach

Starting the trip back with stop in the Museum of The Mighty Eighth Air Force in Georgia and South Of The Border in South Carolina  

 August 25th 2016 After a good night sleep in Virginia, driving the last 5 hours and finally, home sweet home!!!! :)

NYC August 26th 2016 Ben transferring his Avocado trees

NYC August 26th 2016 we are getting back to our sweet routine

NYC August 27th 2016 Relaxing Saturday at Home

NYC August 28th 2016 Sunday Home Breakfast and Lunch

NYC August 30th 2016 A little bet of sport and relaxing

NYC September 1st 2016 Ben Dentist, Diner and preparing our apartment for new windows

NYC September 2nd 2016 Getting new windows

NYC September 3rd and 4th 2016 In Accord, the kids cleaning and organizing their cabin and equipments for the winter

NYC September 5th 2016 Relax Labor Day Weekend at Home

NYC September 6th 2016 Maya at the Dentist

NYC September 8th 2016 First Day at School

NYC September 9th 2016 Second day of School, Friday Shopping and School start Diner celebration

NYC September 10th 2016 At home cooking



Accord, finish cleaning with the help of Solly and Ben, Maya is doing homework :) 11/05/2016












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